Mapping of innovative financing mechanisms

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After the limits of traditional official development aid were highlighted during the United Nations Conference of Monterrey on development financing in 2002, innovative financings proved to be essential in international debates as ways to achieve the objectives of poverty reduction and conservation of global public goods.

About twenty countries already set up one or more innovative financings so far. Thanks to these mechanisms, nearly 6 billion USD have been raised since 2006.

You can find here a mapping of the existing innovative financings:


For more details, you can read the peer review of innovative financing mechanisms. This peer review, commissioned to the Permanent Secretariat during the Leading Group meeting Bamako, was presented during the 10th Plenary Session in Madrid.

Peer review

This work is open to comments and amendments with the assistance of all the Leading Group partners.
You can find this mapping by clicking here:

12 June 2013

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