Technical presentations - (9th plenary meeting, Bamako, 25-26 June 2011)

2011-07-15 11:55:12

During the 9th plenary session of the Leading Group, several countries and organizations gave presentations. Among them :

- the Stamp Out Poverty delivered a lecture entitled "The Time to Act is Now"

A presentation by David Hillman of Stamp Out Poverty and the Robin Hood Tax campaign at the Ninth Plenary Meeting of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development, held in Bamako, Mali, on 24th June 2011

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The Time to Act is Now

- the USAID delivered a lecture entitled "Alliance Globale pour le Développement (GDA)" Partenariat Public-Privé-Société Civile

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Alliance Globale pour le Développement (GDA)

- the Belgian Fund for Food Security (BFFS) delivered a lecture entitled "Innovative Financing Mechanism ’Avant la lettre’ "

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Innovative Financing Mechanism "Avant la lettre"

- the Crédit Coopératif delivered a lecture entitled "Présentation de la CVTC-CHANGE solidaire"

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- the IVT delivered a lecture entitled "Voluntourism Beyond Aid" TRAVELERS’ SAVINGS FUND FOR DEVELOPMENT

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Voluntourism Beyond Aid
Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development