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The world’s children who are old enough this year to go to school for the first time belong to the “Class of 2015” which, according to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), should become in that year the first generation in history to enjoy universal education. This objective is, once again, put off to some uncertain time in the future.

Resigning ourselves to this is neither acceptable, nor viable, as guaranteeing access to education for all children is the foundation for economic growth and social progress. Moreover, at the start of this Millennium, education is involved in the long-term solutions to all global stakes.

Yet the achievement of MDG2 – Achieve Universal Primary Education is within reach of the international community : this is the principal lesson from the efforts undertaken by the countries themselves with the support of donors, following the worrying drop in the enrolment ratio of the poorer populations which was observed in many countries during the 1980s.

The proceedings of the five meetings that were held on the issue of innovative financing for education are available in French (PDF format) by clicking here :

Le 1er janvier 2011

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