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Innovative financing in general

-  2010. EU Commission Working Document. Innovative financing at a global level.

-  2009. Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary General’s Progress report on innovative sources of development finance.

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- The New Public Finance

- UN WIDER & DESA Innovative Sources for Development Finance Project


- 2008. Nick York. AMC for Pneumoccal Vaccine. Report of the monitoring and evaluability study.

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Financial Transactions Levies

- 2010. The Parameters of a Financial Transaction Tax and the OECD Global Public Good Resource Gap, 2010 – 2020.

- 2010. Financial Transaction Taxes - Necessary, Feasible and Desirable, Sony KAPOOR, Re-Define. Foundation for European Progressive Studies, FEPS.

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- 1996. Paul B. Spahn The Tobin Tax and Exchange Rate Stability Finance & Development (IMF)

Illicit financial flows

- 2009 Global Financial Integrity Report, Illicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: 2002-2006

- 2008/2009. Raymond Baker & Eva Joly. "The issue of illicit financial flows" Commentaires. Vol.31 N°124

- 2007. GAFI 2006-2007 Activity Report (french)

- 2005. Raymond Baker. Capitalism’s Achilles Heel. Dirty Money and How to Renew the Free-Market System. John Wiley & Sons.

Climate change related mechanisms

- 2009. Stamp Out Poverty Financing climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries

- 2008. Pegels, Anna Financing for development series: Leveraging private investments in climate change mitigation Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute ; Briefing Paper 15/2008

- 2007. Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group on Review of Implementation of the Convention on biological diversity Options for resource mobilization, including innovative financial mechanisms, and a draft strategy for resource mobilization in support of the achievement of the objectives of the convention

- 2006. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Innovative options for financing the development and transfer of technologies UN-FCCC/TP/2006/1 Technical paper

- 2003. Agnar Sandmo Environmental Taxation and Revenue for Development UN WIDER Discussion Paper No. 2003/86

- Carbon Finance Project Library

Migration and innovative financing

- 2008. Dilip Ratha, Sanket Mohapatra and Zhimei Xu Outlook for Remittance Flows 2008-2010: Growth expected to moderate significantly, but flows to remain resilient Migration and Development Brief n°8

- 2004. AFD/CFSI. Migration et phénomènes migratoires - Flux financiers, mobilisation de l’épargne et investissement local

- Articles presented in Dilip Ratha’s website on remittances and migration

Other Innovative Financing Mechanisms

  • Debt2Health related documents
    • 2005. Ann Pettifor, Conrad Barwa & Paul Zeitz Global Fund Debt Conversion Joint Report from Advocacy International and the Global AIDS Alliance
  • Product RED related documents
  • Other mechanisms

General documents on aid

- 2009. Michel Severino & Olivier Ray The End of ODA: Death and Rebirth of a Global Public Policy Center for Global Development Working Paper 167

- 2008. OECD Development Assistance Commitee Scaling Up: Aid Fragmentation, Aid Allocation and Aid Predictability

- 2008. Homi Kharas Measuring the cost of aid volatility Brookings Institute - Wolfensohn Center for Development Working Papers No. 3

- 2006. World Bank Global Development Finance - The Development Potential of Surging Capital Flows

- 2003. John Micklewright & Anna Wright Private Donations for International Development UN WIDER Discussion Paper No. 2003/82

- 1998. Charles C. Chang, Eduardo Fernandez-Arias and Luis Serven, Measuring aid flows : a new approach World Bank Policy Working Paper 2050

- Financing for Development, United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs website documents

- OECD Query Wizard for International Development Statistics

On development in general

- International chair on "Knowledge against poverty" - Esther Duflo at the Collège de France (Paris) - French & English

- Development indicators from Social Watch

- Hans Rosling about poverty and statistics on TED talks (2007)

- Gapminder : "Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view."

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