French Government moves on financing climate change

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Following the Paris Conference, the French Prime Minister convened all the ministers interested in development issues including the ministers responsible for Foreign affairs, Ecology, the Interior, the Economy, Agriculture and Immigration along with the Ministers of State responsible for External trade and cooperation and the Francophony.

Mr François Fillon concluded the Interministerial International Cooperation and Development Committee (CICID) meeting held on 5 June by affirming the need to continue our search for innovative financing mechanisms.

He particularly stressed the importance of the fight against tax avoidance and the reduction of the costs of migrants’ remittances. He also pointed out more generally that “France will assume its full role in the work of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development in line with the final conclusions of the conference held on 28 and 29 May”.

This meeting above all provided the opportunity to announce that France will earmark a portion of its revenues from auctions of CO2 emission credits to climate-related action to be taken in the poorest countries.

11 June 2009

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