Informal event organized at the UN on June 3rd 2010

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An informal event on innovative sources of development finance was convened on June 3rd at the United Nations to discuss different existing mechanisms and ongoing initiatives, and to present innovative financing for "guidance" purposes and show the concrete success achieved over the past four years.

At the initiative of the United Nations Secretariat and thanks to the active involvement of several Leading Group member countries, the meeting was followed by most national delegations at the United Nations. Stimulating exchanges took place during the meeting, in particular with the United States and the G-77. Bringing together panelists from various bodies, namely the Secretariat of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development, representatives of governments, the private sector, operators and international organizations, this event helped promote the different current initiatives and challenge certain received ideas on innovative sources of development finance.

The meeting proceedings will be communicated to the high-level panel which is preparing the Summit on the Millennium Development Goals to be held in New York from 20 to 22 September 2010.

25 June 2010

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