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TISIFF Recommendations – new vision for galvanizing innovative financing for 2030 agenda

2015 Tbilisi International Forum for Solidarity and Innovative Financing for Post-2015 Agenda (TISIFF 2015) was a key step in the global dialogue for innovative financing.

The meeting was the first attempt to consolidate the existing knowledge in solidarity and innovative financing vis-à-vis 2030 SDG agenda. More importantly, the TISIFF 2015 in its outcome document – “TISIFF Recommendations” - generated vision on how to enhance the work and potential of Innovative Financing for the new universal agenda.

TISIFF report

“TISIFF Recommendations” summarize suggestions on “Categorization” of potential platforms and sources of innovative financing at different levels. Specifically, the report identifies 15 potential platforms for generating innovative financing at global and regional levels and 14 potential platforms at country levels (national and sub-national) with examples of relevant industries and instruments for new and more diverse sources of funding. Examples of platforms and instruments for mobilizing additional innovative financing cover trade, tourism, banking, lotteries, construction, IT, sports, filming and broader cultural industries.

“TISIFF Recommendations” also provide a unified framework for “Prioritization” of SDG goals and targets for innovative financing agenda for the next 15 years. Specifically, for each of the 17 Goals and 169 targets of 2030 Agenda, the report identifies priority areas for advocacy and resource mobilization efforts as well as global, regional and country-level sources and instruments that could be used for generating additional innovative funding.

“TISIFF Recommendations” presented at the New York High Level meetings in 2016 and 2017 is a common reference framework and vision how to re-galvanize global advocacy and generate more Innovative Financing for attainment of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

TISIFF presentation

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