Paris Conference 2009

2009-05-26 20:54:13

Under the patronage of the President of the French Republic, and at the invitation of the Minister for Foreign and European affairs, the Sixth plenary session of the Leading group on innovative financing takes place in Paris on May 28th and 29th.

This high-level conference marks an important step in international mobilisation for these mechanisms before the next General Assembly of the United nations in September, during which a report on innovative financing by the Secretary general will be made public.

Three years after its foundation, the Leading group on innovative financing for development can be pleased with the importance these instruments for development have taken, especially in a period of economic crisis.

The unanimous recognition of their usefulness and their direct impact on development aid have pushed the international community to propose a “scaling up” of these resources complementary to traditional development, as attested by the recent Doha Declaration in December 2008 and the declaration of the European Union in November 2008.

This international mobilisation, which was the very reason for founding the Leading group, is the result of significant advances by different presidencies of the Leading group since 2006. In this context, our sixth Plenary session will seek to pursue this new dynamics and set new concrete engagements.

This conference will also be the occasion to host, at the same moment, the third meeting of the high-level taskforce on innovative financing on health systems co-chaired by Mr. Gordon Brown and Mr. Robert Zoellick.

Please find below the latest version of the Paris Conference programme:

Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development