Programme of the Seventh plenary session of the Leading Group, Santiago

2010-01-12 15:45:25

This programme is preliminary. More details will be updated shortly.

Place: Edificio José Miguel Carrera, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile

Thursday, January 28, 2010

09:00 – Inauguration: Statement by the President of the Republic of Chile, H.E. Michelle Bachelet

09:45 – Adoption of the Agenda: Account by the Permanent Secretariat of the Leading group

10:00 – First working session:

Unitaid: progress achieved

United and the Millenium Foundation: Voluntary Contributions Open discussion



11:15 – Coffee break

11:30 – Second working session

Remittances and the link to innovative financing for development Open discussion

13:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Third working sesssion

Financial Integrity and Economic development: report by task force Bank secrecy and tax evasion: progress made Open discussion

16:30 – Coffee break

17:00 – Fourth working session International financial transactions and development : report of the task force Open discussion

18:30 – Fifth working session Hunger and poverty: nutrition mother and child Open discussion

20:00 – Cocktail offered by Mr Mariano Fernandez, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chile

Friday, January 29, 2010

09:00 – Sixth working session Climate change and Copenhagen Climate Change and Innovative financing for development

10:15 – Seventh working session Other progress toward Monterrey Consensus/Doha and innovative financing for development, particularly SDR:s and counter-cyclical mechanisms

11:30 – Coffee break

11:45 – Eight working session: Looking ahead

12:30 – Debate on Declaration of Santiago

13:00 – Conclusions by the Presidency

13:15 – Closing of the Meeting

Leading Group on Innovative Financing for Development